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Only John's gospel and Revelation refer to Jesus Christ as the Word (; John 1:1). 54-68), their arguments are unconvincing and conflict with the view of the early church.

Revelation (1:7), and John's gospel (), translate (Zech. Writing in the second century, Irenaeus declared that Revelation had been written toward the end of Domitian's reign.

In the New Testament, this word describes the unveiling of spiritual truth (Rom. Truths about Him and His final victory, that the rest of Scripture merely allude to, become clearly visible through revelation about Jesus Christ (See Historical and Theological Themes).

This revelation was given to Him by God the Father, and it was communicated to the Apostle John by an angel (1:1).

Since it is primarily prophetic, Revelation contains little historical material, other than that (in chapters 1-3).

The 7 churches to who the letters were addressed were existing churches in Asia Minor (modern Turkey).

For example, important second century witnesses to the Apostle John's authorship include Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Clement of Alexandria, and Tertullian.

Many of the book's original readers were still alive during the lifetimes of Justin Martyr and Irenaeus, both of who held to apostolic authorship.

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Seeking to strengthen those congregations, he could no longer minister to them in person and, following the divine command (), John addressed Revelation to them (1:4).

Unlike most books of the Bible, Revelation contains its own title: "The Revelation of Jesus Christ" (1:1). ), Christ's incarnation (Luke ), and His glorious appearing at His second coming (2 Thess. In all its uses, "revelation" refers to something or someone, once hidden, becoming visible.

"Revelation" (Greek Apokalupsis) means "an uncovering", "an unveiling", or "a disclosure". What this book reveals or unveils is Jesus Christ in glory.

The church is warned about sin and exhorted to holiness.

John's vivid pictures of worship in heaven both exhort and instruct believers.

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