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Amy adds that it's like Penny doesn't even care and that Amy is there for Bernadette, now playing both sides of their fight.

Leonard, Raj and Howard find Sheldon in his empty classroom. Now Sheldon can devote all his time to the study of dark matter.

"The Junior Professor Solution" is the second episode of the eighth season of the American sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

The episode aired on Monday, September 22, 2014 immediately after the first episode of the new season.

In the spirit of science she asks: What is that little skank's problem?

" In the cafeteria, Raj is trying to come up with a cute couple's nickname for him and Emily, like "Emipali" or "Koothremily".

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Leonard tells Sheldon that he likes to tell people that they are wrong. Leonard tells him that it is a way to let him go on and study dark matter. He plans to use that joke in his class after everyone fails the midterm.Her last name is Sweeney and Raj doesn't like "Koothrapeeny".Sheldon shows up and describes the awful situation with his new promotion.Howard insists that he is more than smart enough; he is an engineer.Sheldon throws three physics questions at him that he answers correctly. Howard tells Sheldon that he may have gone to school a couple more years than him, but engineers are just as smart as physicists. Walking up the stairs Amy tells about Penny calling her to complain about Bernadette and then she gets a text from Bernie.

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