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Make things easier by using a soap opera or film storyline to kick-start a conversation, says Kesterton.‘Plots that depict relationship breakdown or abortion, for example, can be good places to start. Did they think the decision they made at the end was the right one? ’ ‘It’s a healthy part of sexual development for them to have crushes on people of the same sex and then gradually of the opposite sex and for there to be intensely romantic feelings involved,’ says Hayman.It’s also important to start to help our children reflect critically on the way images are used in the media.‘As children’s clothing becomes more sexualised, children are becoming more anxious about body shape earlier,’ says Kesterton.Try giving them scenarios that involve the dangers of the internet and ask questions to open up the discussion.

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‘Make sure you explain it’s not naughty or dirty to want to touch your own genitals, but it’s not the right time and place to do so in public,’ he says.You’re in a crowded café, enjoying a salad with your eight-year-old, when suddenly she loudly asks, ‘Mum, what’s sex?’ leaving you to wonder which is redder, you or the beetroot.Should girls or boys send pictures of themselves or give out their phone numbers? If you’re not savvy technologically, getting your kids to show you how to use the internet or chat rooms is a good way to lead into a discussion about boundaries.Age 13–15 Young teens may begin to feel under pressure to experiment sexually, and some do.

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