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'arithmetic'), the Latin word was altered to algorithmus, and the corresponding English term 'algorithm' is first attested in the 17th century; the modern sense was introduced in the 19th century.

In English, it was first used in about 1230 and then by Chaucer in 1391.

But humans can do something equally useful, in the case of certain enumerably infinite sets: They can give explicit instructions for determining the nth member of the set, for arbitrary finite n.

Such instructions are to be given quite explicitly, in a form in which they could be followed by a computing machine, or by a human who is capable of carrying out only very elementary operations on symbols.

About 825, he wrote a treatise in the Arabic language, which was translated into Latin in the 12th century under the title Algoritmi de numero Indorum.

This title means "Algoritmi on the numbers of the Indians", where "Algoritmi" was the translator's Latinization of Al-Khwarizmi's name.

Algorithms can be expressed in many kinds of notation, including natural languages, pseudocode, flowcharts, drakon-charts, programming languages or control tables (processed by interpreters).

Natural language expressions of algorithms tend to be verbose and ambiguous, and are rarely used for complex or technical algorithms.

It derives from the intuition of "memory" as a scratchpad. For some alternate conceptions of what constitutes an algorithm see functional programming and logic programming.

Similarly, IF A -gə-ridh-əm) is an unambiguous specification of how to solve a class of problems.

Algorithms can perform calculation, data processing and automated reasoning tasks.

It begins thus: A prototypical example of an algorithm is the Euclidean algorithm to determine the maximum common divisor of two integers; an example (there are others) is described by the flow chart above and as an example in a later section.

Boolos, Jeffrey & 1974, 1999 offer an informal meaning of the word in the following quotation: No human being can write fast enough, or long enough, or small enough† ( †"smaller and smaller without limit'd be trying to write on molecules, on atoms, on electrons") to list all members of an enumerably infinite set by writing out their names, one after another, in some notation.

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