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The adverts were taken down today.'I'm satisfied with the fact that the school admitted that they violated the law and that they are ready to remove the billboards and (Facebook) ads,' Trump's Slovenian lawyer Natasa Pirc-Musar told The Associated Press.

they can not deny her the success she deserves.'She has since apologized saying the adverts were 'meant to be something positive, to show her as a role model.''We are very sorry that the billboards were misunderstood as something intended to mock the U. She said that the school intends to put up new billboards, this time without Melania Trump's image.

Pirc-Musar added that the school's apology also needs to be published by the Croatian and Slovenian state news agencies.

And we can help you.'Born Melanija Knavs in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, Mrs.

Trump was raised in Sevnica by her father, a car salesman, and her mother, a pattern maker at a textile factory, while the nation was part of the Communist-ruled former Yugoslavia.

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