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But in the NSW central-west, Wiradjuri elder Bill Allen disagreed.The Bathurst local believed the two Melbourne councils had taken a "brave step" to change the date, and had made the right move."Council is supposed to be a grassroots representative body, so it's a grassroots representative move," he said."A lot of this can be done through education about the meaning of these things."If we're going to celebrate to be Australians as one, we need to pick a date that celebrates us as Australians from all different nationalities. That date is remembered as the day Captain Phillip came into Sydney Harbour and proclaimed the country for England."Moree in north-west NSW sits on Gomeroi land, the second largest Indigenous nation in the country.We need to have one big ceremony and one big citizenship ceremony and one big barbecue in the park, and the kids dancing and the smoking ceremonies and respecting all cultures," she said.The mayor of the Shoalhaven on the NSW South Coast recently came under fire from councillors when she attempted to postpone the Australia Day award ceremony.

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The former Shellharbour councillor said most Aboriginal people in the region would like to see the date moved, but he was calling for a national dialogue and said councils should stay away from the issue.

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Find out about the current year and next year's term dates for Australia's state and territory government schools.

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