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After all, he lived through such terrifying ordeals as fielding a stalker eventually apprehended by the FBI and befriending — fans can see him on the road, where he performs original music.

In fact, the former actor released his debut solo album just this January.

failed to attract TV audiences, the actress stepped away from the small screen, heading to Washington, D.

C., to start a youth arts program called the Kellie Williams Program.

According to the actor's website, O'Neal was approached to join a boy band formed in Florida following his days as Clarissa's best friend Sam on the Nickelodeon series.

He refused, however, aiming to step away from the spotlight.

Thompson won the role, while Mitchell began a rapping career.

(He even starred in Kanye West's video for "All Falls Down.") Mitchell has, however, returned to his acting roots, writing and starring in 's final season (NBC's episode order complicated contract talks with the original cast), Creel never quite reached her co-stars' level of stardom in her role as tomboy Tori Scott.

John — an experienced martial artist — couldn't keep away for long. After experiencing success at a young age, however, Pomers found herself following a path familiar to many child stars — the actress checked into treatment for anorexia nervosa in 2006.

Just as quickly as young Brendan mysteriously disappeared from the series without mention (in order to make way for the cuter baby Lilly), the actor who portrayed him, Josh Byrne, disappeared from Hollywood.

We'd claim he was still chained in Frank and Carol's basement, but this picture of the actor dressed in costume proves he's alive, and presumably can be seen at your local Renaissance Faire.

Most recently, Bonsall was serving two years' probation for a third-degree assault charge., and even scored a role in a series of Ameritrade ads so popular, they were the subject of a sketch at Bill Clinton's final White House Correspondents' Dinner in 2000.

, Saviano did not see too much action in Hollywood. He studied political science at Yale and then went on to law school. He is a practicing attorney, living with his wife (who is also a lawyer), and child, in New York. However, in 2004, he began racing cars and signed a 2-year deal with Jensen Motorsport. Muniz also had a short stint as a drummer for Kingsfoil, a pop-rock group in Pennsylvania. He has a residency at the Building 24 night club in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania.

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