Filipini hot pusi imeg

Crowbait – Derogatory term for a poor-quality horse.

Cruller – A cake made of a strip of sweetened dough, boiled in lard, the two ends of which are twisted or curled together.

Chirk – To make a peculiar noise by placing the tongue against the roof of the mouth, to urge horses on.

Choke the Horn – To grab the saddle horn, something no cowboy wants to be seen doing.

As young women increasingly put off having children while they pursue their careers, the age at which young people get married increases, too, so young men can postpone growing up as long as they want.

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been scrubbing in for 13 seasons now, and on the brink of the show’s 300th episode, Us Weekly has gathered the greatest moments ever from the critically acclaimed medical drama.

Chinking And Daubing – The process of filling with clay the interstices between the logs of cabins.

Copper a Bet – Betting to lose, or being prepared against loss.

“She couldn’t hold a candle to that beauty across the room.” Coverlid – A bed-quilt, counterpane.

Cracklings – Cinders, the remains of a wood fire Crack Up – To brag or boast.

A common scythe with a light frame-work, used for cutting grain instead of the sickle.

California Prayer Book – Gambling term for a deck of cards.

Cannon – A revolver Can Openers – Spurs Can’t Come It – Cannot do it.

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