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*Read Article Christchurch New Zealand Already Hit by a 'Earthquake Apocalypse' Tries to Bounce Back*Read Article BBC Already Reporting 'Apocalyptic Hurricane/Flood' Harvey Caused by Faked 'Global Warming'*Read Article Deadly Back-to-Back Earthquakes in Mexico that CANNOT be blamed on Faked 'Global Warming'*In another stunning example how this world actively denies God's control over it, we have now the foolish God deniers who vainly believe man controls the weather, and contributes to the earth's more violent reactions of recent years, in everything from earthquakes to hurricanes.

This, despite their own science again and again proving the world is actually cooling. Why is the end-time agenda of a Cainite-run media hiding the fact that God is about to bring His Revelation to pass, the very book that tells us that He will roll up the entire Universe itself, like a scroll in His hand?

They will bewail and lament because this kingdom of human excellence and perfection has come to an end.

Instead of being a frightening person, he will be greatly honored, respected, and loved by the majority of the world.

He will also be accepted as the prophesied "Messiah" to rule the world in peace and prosperity.

Your accuser is Moses, on whom you have placed all your hopes.

For had you believed Moses, and understood the Torah, then you would have believed Me, for he wrote of Me and My coming unto you. I will come again, and receive you unto myself that where I AM, there you will be also.

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