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You will be able to set a ‘static’ IP address in your camera.

Some cameras will use the word ‘static’ while other cameras will say something like ‘use this IP address’.

This is great for your everyday security but not so great when you want to view your camera.

‘Port-Forwarding’ is rarely, if ever, enabled by default.

Don’t worry though, even if someone did find a camera on your network it will be password protected and almost impossible to access without the password, provided you don’t use the default password and do keep the firmware up to date.

Important – when changing to a custom port number the URL for your camera will change both internally and externally.

Many ports have specific uses such as email or FTP and a full list of common ports is available on the Internet.

It’s not so important to know the full list though, you’ll be glad to hear…

Let’s take a look at the following items which need to be considered when preparing your camera: 1.

I would advise that you alter the default port number in the camera to something which is not being used in the list of common ports. Like local IP addresses, port numbers have to be unique.

If you have your camera on port 80 and your router on port 80 you will only be able to access one of these devices from the Internet using this method. It will keep the camera safer if someone was to attempt to maliciously enter your network, as it won’t be available on the standard port and they will move on to the next router after finding nothing.

For example if we changed our camera on from port 80 to port 4440 we would have to use to connect to the camera, specifying the port number explicitly at the end of the IP address.

This is the same for accessing the camera externally.

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