Kansas dating hotlines

Teens relationships provide the bedrock for future adult relationships. Teens can access free, confidential SOS services just like adults.

They can request services by calling our hotline: 800-825-1295 or 620-342-1870 Teens can ask to meet with an advocate at their school or can come to our outreach office at 402 Commercial St in Emporia Monday- Friday from am-pm.

The parents, who reportedly were separated at the time of the call, denied the allegations; the children — who had no marks or bruising — reportedly appeared happy, and the claim was unsubstantiated.

That investigation and many others were included in the 2,000 pages of records The Star has tried to get since Adrian’s death was reported in late November 2015.

From our friends at Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month: Teens and young adults experience the same types of abuse in relationships as adults.DCF investigated a claim in February 2012 that Heather Jones had physically abused Adrian and another child.The report indicated there were scratches on the children’s faces and Heather Jones had choked them.Yet in that short time, several social workers in Kansas and Missouri investigated repeated hotline calls and listened as the young boy talked of how he was beaten and neglected at home, by both his father and stepmother.Earlier this month, The Star obtained records from Missouri that showed Adrian had told a caseworker and a police officer in July 2013 that he was being hit, kicked and punched at home. Records released Tuesday from Kansas also show a host of hotline calls that were investigated.

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