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The codex seems to have come into use about the beginning of the fourth century; the material ordinarily employed in it was parchment, but discovery has shown that papyrus was sometimes used in the making of codices, though really too brittle to be a satisfactory material.The great manuscripts of the Bible are in codex form and generally of parchment; hence the name, Codex Vaticanus etc.

Propaganda sanctioned the employment of the last-named provision in 1852.

As a consequesce, different methods of computing the cathedraticum prevail throughout the United States.

In one prominent diocese, for example, the rector of each church must pay one-fifth of his revenue if it exceed one thousand dollars, or one-third if it be less.

It has also been declared that confraternities which have no churches in the strict sense of the word, but only chapels, are exempt from this episcopal tax ("In Firmana, Cathedr.").

As the cathedraticum pertains to episcopal rights, it is privileged and consequently no prescription can totally abrogate it. Congregation of the Council (In Amalph., 1707), when it decrees that no contrary custom, even of immemorial antiquity, can exempt from the payment of this tax.

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