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You also need to specify quota support when mounting.

You can get the Linux quota utilities at their sourceforge website or use xfs_quota(8).

There are also commercial data recovery services and closed source software like Raise Data Recovery for XFS which claims to recover data, although this has not been tested by the XFS developers.

As always, the best advice is to keep good backups.

Barry Naujok has documented the XFS ondisk format which is a very useful reference. There are a number of mount options influencing XFS filesystems - refer to the mount(8) manual page or the documentation in the kernel source tree itself (Documentation/filesystems/xfs.txt) No, there is no relation.

Newer utilities tend to mainly have fixes and checks the previous versions might not have.

If you have a problem with xfs_repair(8), make sure that you save the entire output of the problematic run so that the developers can see exactly where it encountered the problem.

You might be asked to capture the metadata in the filesystem using xfs_metadump(8) (which obfuscates filenames and attributes to protect your privacy) and make the dump available for someone to analyse.

It contains pointers to whitepapers, books, articles, etc.

Also, since about June 2006, we converted from EFSCORRUPTED/990 over to using EUCLEAN, "Structure needs cleaning." The cause can be pretty much anything, unfortunately - filesystem, virtual memory manager, volume manager, device driver, or hardware.

There should be a detailed console message when this initially happens.

No, project quota cannot be used with group quota at the same time. The tape format is the same as on IRIX, so tapes are interchangeable between operating systems. This is to maintain compatibility with the IRIX on-disk format, and will not be changed.

On the other hand user quota and project quota can be used simultaneously. There is native XFS filesystem support for GRUB starting with version 0.91 and onward.

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