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The combination of a USA based nerve center and the talented and skilled dating software programmers squad build up an efficient, hard-working team The ABK Company.

ABK endeavors to let anyone make dating site, PHP community and social network resources easy to setup and manage.

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On the Egyptian coinage, both under the Ptolemies and under Rome, the character L, a symbol for "year," almost always precedes the date.It’s enough to make some people give up on Greek dating sites altogether.The office can be considered an independent Graphics and Design company.The ABK Software Development Department is divided into 3 sub-departments: a) The Core ABKs main software development team, who are involved in the development of Chameleon, Oryx, etc.b) 3D-City Department the guys responsible for the development of the 3D-City module, which allows Internet users to roam around a three-dimensional world 'socializing' with other users in real time.

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