Recorded chat room

When played back, the recording shows exactly what the attendees saw and heard.

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The court found otherwise, noting that such an exercise was not required by the Government for authentication purposes, but again, was an issue relevant to the weight of the evidence.[7] The Tank decision is consistent with other cases that have addressed the issue of the authenticity of computer evidence in the general context of Fed. [1] Authentication of Computer-Generated Evidence In the United States Federal Courts, (1995) 35 IDEA: J.

The court noted that "[t]he rule requires only that the court admit evidence if sufficient proof has been introduced so that a reasonable juror could find in favor of authenticity or identification.'" United States v. The government also established a connection between Tank and the chat room log printouts.

Tank admitted that he used the screen name "Cessna" when he participated in one of the conversations recorded in the chat room log printouts.

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