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NIH wanted to make sure accurate information was available and not buried under a bunch of sensational headlines."There's nothing wrong with working with a marketing agency to get your message across," Fox told us.An investigation was launched in April, and at that time Samsung apologized saying the "incident was unfortunate, and occurred due to insufficient understanding of these fundamental principles." It then promised it had "ceased all marketing activities that involve the posting of anonymous comments," the Verge reported at the time.That wasn't the only time Samsung was associated with an astroturfing campaign. In September, New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman busted 19 companies for astroturfing.

Some of them offer services that can border on blackmail.Counterintuitively, Google unintentionally helps the reputation management industry.Google keeps tweaking its search algorithm so that it always delivers the best results.Another person told us that there are firms that charge even more."You can get fees of ,000 to ,000 a month for an individual online reputation clean-up." How badly is your rep damaged?

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