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There’s also a ticking feature to reassure you the sensor is operating while your child is fast asleep. Tommee Tippee Digital Sound and Movement Monitor: £70, Amazon This monitor’s movement sensor pad will only operate in a cot or crib with a completely level surface, so is unsuitable for moses baskets.

There’s a dial to select sensitivity, but the sensor mat requires a piece of hardboard - which isn’t supplied - underneath to operate on a level surface beneath the mattress, so this isn’t an option for moses baskets.This offers the convenience of moving rooms without having to remember to pick up the parent unit as you go. Babymoov Digital Green Baby Monitor Expert Care: £80, Mothercare If you’re concerned about “electrosmog” in your home, this audio monitor could offer a compromise.Using Babymoov’s “Digital Green” technology, it claims to emit up to a third fewer waves than similar monitors.Price is also likely to be a motivating factor, with monitors ranging from £20 right up to £200, with a decent, mid-range option costing around £60.But try not to be distracted by frills - lullabies and light shows can be impressive, but you’re buying peace of mind while your baby sleeps, so prioritise key functions before succumbing to endearing additions.

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