Sex offenders in new jersey websites

The answer can be found in the Attorney General Guidelines for Law Enforcement for the Implementation of Sex Offender Registration and Community Notification Laws.

The guidelines identify two basic factors that should be considered when assigning a risk level: Regardless of whether an offender is classified as Tier 1, Tier 2, or Tier 3, notification forms include the same information: the offender’s photo, name, home address, work address, school address, license plate number, and a short description of the conviction.

The site can be accessed at org/sex-offender-registry/index.shtml .

When a defendant in New Jersey is convicted of a sex crime which is also a registerable offense, he or she must register as a sex offender.

If the offender is classified as Tier 2, schools, summer camps, day care facilities, and various community organizations for children will also be notified in addition to law enforcement.

There's a better way to personalize your website experience.According to Megan’s Law, a sex offender is designated in one of three tiers: How is the risk factor figured out?A scoring system is used called the Registrant Risk Assessment Scale (RRAS).The task of community notification should be left exclusively to law enforcement.If you were charged with aggravated criminal sexual contact in Atlantic County or Cape May County, you need to talk to an experienced New Jersey defense attorney as soon as possible.

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