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It’s Just Lunch, a leading online dating service in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore, provides professional and personalized matchmaking service to well educated adults all over the world.Highlights You can simply call It’s Just Lunch to schedule for an interview with a matchmaker.Phillips, who grew up in Cupertino, turned to It’s Just Lunch for a more human experience than Web-based services.The matchmakers made all the difference, as opposed to online dating, “where the matches are all random or they are done through some strange computer algorithm,” Phillips says.“We do all of the work, where we call the restaurant, make the reservation, call both parties and give them a reminder call so all they have to do is show up for the date and have fun,” Brinkman says.“Within two days they [had] four dates lined up–four blind dates essentially,” Scafford says.How about a blind date set up by a matchmaker or attending a rock climbing event at Planet Granite with 15 other singles or going all in with a trip to Thailand? Low-pressure lunch On the surface, it is just a casual lunch date in the middle of the day. After dabbling in online dating with no luck, Sam Scafford, 55, saw an advertisement for It’s Just Lunch and decided to give it a whirl.He was interviewed to reveal likes, dislikes, preferences and details about past relationships.

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Table for Six was founded in 1997 by his wife Julie Paiva, who is now retired from the business.He went on about 10 dates, either lunch or drinks, where he met age-matched women with similar interests.“And then I met Deanne, and we hit it off right away,” he says, referring to Sunnyvale resident Deanne Phillips, 49, whom he met April 15, 2011, for their lunch date in downtown San Jose.If there is a connection, the matchmaker is contacted to set up another dinner for six or a one-on-one date.“We’ve had hundreds of marriages; that’s what happens here,” Paiva says.

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