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Here I will provide some very useful recipes, which you could start using while reading the article.Most of the data will be based on our flagship Together app which is a kind of mobile video editor with organizing capabilities.There are not many app store analytics tools available though.App Store Optimization (ASO) is out of the scope here but you could find some materials on the web.Not all users who download and start your app end up using it.There are numerous reasons for a low activation rate: poor onboarding process, no beginner walkthrough, a complex UI/terrible UX.

If you are adept at the Lean Startup approach, then you are most likely to have only one product use case in your MVP. So the completion of this designed use case is the checkmark of a user activation.The main task here is to make as many new users as possible actually start using your product.The basic approach to measuring activation rate is to have Google Analytics goals configured for your mobile app account.Conversions - Overview report you may check Goal Completions, Goal Value, and Goal Conversion Rate, which in fact is your activation rate if you configured the goal well.In your analysis, it may be useful to work with a predefined segment «Sessions with Conversions» or its derivative.

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