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The photo was taken by Andrew Lynes, on May 21, 2007.It was taken for use in the Burlington, Ontario and Spencer Smith Park articles.The rest of the year is taken up with "playing games and watching TV".Film: Jaws Book: The Witches Food: Roast dinner Pop star: Michael Jackson On Day 25, Spencer was nominated for eviction, having received four nominations from his fellow housemates.“However, he does have significant hearing loss and a speech delay, as well as delays with his gross and fine motor skills, so we have a lot of early-intervention providers who come to the house.”While managing constant visits from specialists, speech class twice a week, Spencer’s spirit, according to Alli, has not suffered.“Fortunately, Spencer remains his happy, silly, sweet, loving, easygoing self,” Alli said.A supportive community While managing life with a Sanfilippo Syndrome diagnosis can be challenging, Alli said the community which surrounds her near and far makes for an incredibly supportive team behind her and Spencer.“We've been connecting with many Sanfilippo families across the country through phone conversations and Facebook,” Alli said.

Genetic disorder, cognitive difficulties San Filippo Syndrome is a genetic disorder which leaves the body unable to break down waste materials which build up in the cells.

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You just empathize with a friend going through this,” Peg said.

“If it were me, I would want my friends to help too, and I would want to do anything I can to ensure a cure is found and Spencer has a happy life.”Spencer's spirit hasn't dimmed Being a parent to a child who battles Sanfilippo, according to Alli, is a difficult and constant challenge.“Spencer received a very early diagnosis [in 2016], and so he has not yet regressed with most of his skills,” Alli said.

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