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It dealt with matters of ethos and philosophy more directly than some of the other shows did.

It played fast and loose, and there is a refreshing quality to having a “Star Trek” crew – usually comprised of the best and the brightest – mutated into a family of ragtag ragamuffins.

But she also tended to put herself and the entire ship at unreasonably grave risk merely in order to – it certainly seemed – swing her dick around. If this is the show's creators idea of machisma, perhaps they need to rethink a few things.“Star Trek: Voyager” also tended to – much to many viewers' chagrin – pander.

Remember that one episode where she knocked her pilot out of his chair and steered the Voyager toward the destructive surface of a nearby sun just to prove to a nearby alien that she do it? The show wasn't as highly rated as its compatriots, and you could see the show's makers ofter inserting gimmicks to lure outsiders into the fold.

An evil clown that is literally made of fear and sadism. Since the program is also taps directly into the users' brains, the clown can also read your mind (after a one-minute delay).

So what we have with “The Thaw” is one of “Star Trek's” rare horror episodes, highlighted by what is possibly the franchise's scariest figure.

The Borg may be threatening, and Q may be exciting. But this charismatic cackling monster is just plain terrifying.

What's more, the show was the first Trek series since the original to deal with the unfamiliar.

The show followed the titular Federation starship Voyager (NCC-74656) as it was unexpectedly whisked 70,000 lightyears away from Earth.

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