Updating knownhosts

The current implementation thus is server-driven, client code can provide QNetwork Access Manager with previously known or discovered policies, but this information can be overridden by "Strict-Transport-Security" response headers. See also add Strict Transport Security Hosts(), enable Strict Transport Security Store(), and QHsts Policy.

This signal is emitted whenever a final server requests authentication before it delivers the requested contents.

A group of standard functions are supplied that take a request and optional data, and each return a QNetwork Reply object.

The returned object is used to obtain any data returned in response to the corresponding request.

The QNetwork Access Manager class allows the application to send network requests and receive replies The Network Access API is constructed around one QNetwork Access Manager object, which holds the common configuration and settings for the requests it sends.

The QNetwork Configuration Manager:: Network Session Required can be used to detect whether QNetwork Access Manager utilizes this feature.

Note that QNetwork Reply objects that are returned from this class have this object set as their parents, which means that they will be deleted along with it if you don't call QObject::set Parent() on them. If the network configuration returned by configuration() is of type QNetwork Configuration:: Service Network this function will return the current active child network configuration of that configuration.

Otherwise returns the same network configuration as configuration(). Adds HTTP Strict Transport Security policies contained in known Hosts into HSTS cache.

See also proxy Authentication Required(), QAuthenticator::set User(), and QAuthenticator::set Password(). Flushes the internal cache of authentication data and network connections. Initiates a connection to the host given by host Name at port port, using ssl Configuration.

Returns the cache that is used to store data obtained from the network. This function is useful to complete the TCP and SSL handshake to a host before the HTTPS request is made, resulting in a lower network latency.

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