Updating the psp

Recently, Trend Micro for PSP was added as a feature that can be enabled via a subscription to filter or monitor content on the PSP.

The PSP browser is slower compared to modern browsers and often runs out of memory due to limitations put in place by Sony.

There are three different rendering modes: "Normal", "Just-Fit", and "Smart-Fit".

"Normal" will display the page with no changes, "Just-Fit" will attempt to shrink some elements to make the whole page fit on the screen and preserve layout and "Smart-Fit" will display content in the order it appears in the HTML, and with no size adjustments; instead it will drop an element down below the preceding element if it starts to go off the screen.

However, unlike the later Remote Play feature between the Play Station Vita and the Play Station 4, the Remote Play capabilities between the PSP and the PS3 are much more limited.

Although most of the PS3's capabilities related to its main user interface are accessible with Remote Play, playback of DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, Play Station 2 games, most Play Station 3 games, and copy-protected files stored on the PS3's hard drive are not supported.

It uses the Xross Media Bar (XMB) as its user interface, similar to the Play Station 3 console.

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When a website tries to open a link in a new window, the browser opens it in a new tab.Users can navigate through them using the left and right buttons of the D-pad, which move the icons forward or back across the screen, highlighting just one at a time, as opposed to using any kind of pointer to select an option.When one category is selected, there are usually more specific options then available to select that are spread vertically above and below the selected icon.Users may navigate among these options by using the up and down buttons of the D-pad.The basic features offered by XMB implementations varies based on device and software version.

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